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Experience: My Sai is always with me

MY SAI IS ALWAYS WITH ME SRI OM SAI RAM HARI OM SAI RAM * * * MY EXPERIENCE ABOUT SAI BABA. IT SEEMS SAI WANTED ME TO BE HIS ARDENT DEVOTEE. SO ALL HAPPENED ACCORDINGLY. I AM A HUMBLE SERVANT OF BABA AND FALL UNTO THE HOLY LOTUS FEET OF SAI. Without BABA BLESSINGS I would not have been now alive and my daughters would have been now nowhere!! HOW BABA CAME INTO MY LIFE!!! * REAL EXPERIENCES OF ME OF SHIRDI SAI BABA* I Was employed in Calcutta from 1959-66 June and then 40 years in Hyderabad and retired in Dec2000 and with Baba blessings I was asked by the company management to continue till I want. But I resigned in June 2006 to settle in my home town at Kannapuram, Kannur, Kerala to stay in my eldest daughter's home, who is in Gulf). *Now my REAL LIFE experiences of Baba*. 1st my humble Pranam to my Guide, SadGuru&God SHIRDI SAI BABA , with whose blessings only I am now alive to write this.!!! People who had seen BALA GANAPATHI serial in ASIANET would understand this better!. 1) Year 1967. One day at about 10 am I went to Monta Market(Near Secunderabad Railway Station) for vegetables. After vegetables, I went to a photo shop for buying a Lord Krishna photo to do puja at my house(my home in Cherukunnu, kannur dist, Kerala - was near a Big old temple of ANNAPURNESWARI&SREE KRISHNA. My late father was an Asst pujari there and we being Sharody had worked there too). The photo shop had many photos of Gods including Shirdi Sai Baba and Satya Sai Baba. Among all those photos, Surpsisingly (I like to say Baba swing a surpise - Miracle!!! my eyes got attracted by a Baba sitting leg crossed photo. Its really a Miracle of Baba only. I did not know much about BABA that time. Baba thus came into my life without my knowledge!!! ).I think in my I prostrate to your sacred Lotus feet, BABA from where Ganga&Yamuna water flowed once in front of Dasganu Maharaj(a very close devotee of Baba). Kindly always love and protect all your children and guide, as being done now. *OM SAI RAM* SAI BABAaaa PRANAaaaM SHIRDI BABA PRANAM O MERE ATMA RAM LELO MERE PRANAM O BABA LELO MERE PRANAM Saiii... Babaaa... Pranaamm 2) April 1978 : While travelling officially from Tatanagar to Rourkela Steel Plant to attend a Global tender worth crores of Rupees worth of heavy machines of a German company HEINRICH Georg GMBH, by train in General compartment - fully packed(no Reservation was available). Train stopped at outer signal(night time 9 pm or so) of Rourkela station. My nearby man wanted to get down there and walk and he asked me too to follow. I was new there. He told he would help me to get good hotel. When I tried to get down one man came running from outside and stoped me and told not to get down since place was dangerous. I was thus saved from a danger. Baba only saved me. Baba always saved me&family from all problems including diseases like ASTHAMA, PILES. Etc. I & wife were SUFFERING FROM ASTHAMA VERY BADLY. I Used to take many leaves from office. Had gone to Dr during odd hours in night. For 40 years suffered a lot. Now by Baba's blessings no problem of ASTHAMA. Can eat and drink cool items like cool drinks, ice creams Etc which was a dream only earlier. I Suffered a lot by bleeding Piles for 40 years. Since last few years no problem at all. No medicines needed! (no surgery done as advised by Drs). All my Sai Mahima!!! only or what else. SRADHA (FAITH)&SABURI (PATIENCE) very important. * OM SAI RAM* 3) June 1987: I was saved by Baba from death!!! when I was down with TETNUS. Very few only get life after TETNUS. Throat problem. I thought it as Dreaded Cancer (but dangerous than that) and consulted Drs. One Dr asked me to get admitted in his clinic near paradise, Secunderabad. Some patients were there. Two rooms. Better not to say about it. If I was admitted there, I would have died then and there. **ONLY BABA CAME TO MY HELP** I BOW and fall to Baba's sacred LOTUS feet who IS HELPING ME and protecting from ALL PROBLEMS. (After my visit to Lucknow, Bilaspur and Korba, I fell sick). I couldnt eat or drink anything for one week. 8th day hospitalised and bed ridden 15 days. My office Boss sent me to his family Dr. He asked me to get admitted in his hospital. Down Full night with Glucose bottle. Next day morning Dr when came and checked up my temperature, it was going down and Dr said I was quite Serious and God only could save my life .Drs could give medicines. He CALLED A SPECIALIST TO CHECK ME UP. He came within 15 min from Fever Hospital and as per his advice, I was immediately admitted in Fever hospital. There at the gate in a room 2 Drs were sitting to check up patients, who after my check up told they were doubtful. I thougt they were telling I was not having TETNUS. But no. They doubted that I most probably would die soon. But Sai had a different idea for me who wanted me to live and inject in me Sai bhakti and spread same for a long time!!! Babaji thus gave me a 2nd life . * SAIYE SARANAM* 3.a) BABA CURED MY SUFFERING FROM BLEEDING PILES. I SUFFERED A LOT FROM PILES FOR FEW YEARS. DR. ASKED ME TO GO FOR SURGERY. BUT BABA GAVE ME PATIENCE & HELPED ME TO MOVE ON WITH MEDICINES. I BECAME ARDENT DEVOTEE OF BABA. SO I COULD PULL ON FOR YEARS. WHEN I READ SAI SATCHARITA I COULD GET A GREAT ADVICE OF BABA. IN TJIS BOOK A DEVOTEE DISCLOSED HIS NICE EXPERIENCE OF HOW BABA HELPED HIM TO RECOVER FROM PILES. HERE TOLD HIM TO STOP TAKING PICKLES & CJILLIES AND THIS DEVOTEE RECOVERED FULLY FROM PILES. By not using pickles. Same I also travelled. Now for past few years I am free from piles. No surgery done and now medicines also. & IF NON.VEG THEY SHOULD STOP USING CHICKEN & MUTTON. 3.b) ME & WIFE WERE SUFFERING FROM ASTHAMA - BREATHING PROBLEM FOR MANY YEARS. DAILY INJUNCTION I USED TO HAVE. THEN ONE DR GAVE ME BETNASOL MEDICINE. FROM THIS I GOT A LITTLE HELP. BUT IT CREATED STOMACH PROBLEM. GASTRITIES. ALL THESE COMPLETELY GONE BY SAI POOJA & FAITH & PATIENCE. * SRI OM SAI RAM* 4) May 1997: One Saturday afternoon while returning from office, from the ground floor of my flat (2nd floor) one dog came along with me (I could see the dog only when it barked!!!). Stopped at the entrance door and barked. I went inside and took and gave pieces of bread to the dog. Dog went off after eating bread slices. Dog came next day same time and barked. I opened the door and gave bread pieces. Dog ate it and ran off(similar event was given in SAI SATCHARITA regarding Mrs Tarqad). I am quite sure that Baba disguised as a dog came to me to give me courage to face all my problems which I was going through and struggling that period. I bow and fall to the sacred feet of Sai who is always helping and protecting me and family in many ways. Baba without one's knowledge follow the devotees whom He wanted to protect from all calamities. What would have been my fate if Baba was around me and family!!! If I think about it now I will go unconscious. *OM SAI RAM* MOST IMPORTANT 5) August 2004: During our shirdi pilgrimage in 2004, I was fortunate enough I should say to have a Live Vision of Baba (2 Baba sitting inside grills and blessing me) in Dwarkamai. I could not believe my eyes. Was it a dream. No, not at all. My bhakti and Faith of Shirdi Sai increased 100 fold. Baba's unique way of increasing His devotees Bhakti on Him. *OM SAI RAM* Very interesting 6) 09.12. 2012 (Sunday). I went to Parassini Muthappan temple, near my home town(kannapuram , kannur dist, Kerala) . There was heavy rush. I couldnt see and pray Deity of Muthappan. So I took prasadam from another side and went to Bus stand. Now comes Baba Miracle. In the Bus one old man of 55-60 years old came and sat near me. He asked me"where Sai Ram is going". I got a shock when heard this. How he could know I am a Baba devotee! He told he was from Vizag(Andhra) a telugu man. But he was speaking good malayalam tamil and telugu. He told he was going to Azhumala Naval Academy. But he got down in Bus stand itself. I tried to see him outside but could not. *All My Baba Mahima*. He is every where and with His real devotees. *OM SAI RAM* 7) on April16, 2013: While in flight from Hyderabad to Coimbatore, one passenger came smiling and sat near me. He took out a book SAI SATCHARITA(Telugu) and kept out. Seeing this book my scare of flying melted and gone surprise really. I feel Baba wanted to stop my fear. *SAIYE SARANAM* (I had travelled by plane all over India several times officialy - had also gone to Gulf( BAHRAIN) twice to my daughters, but all with fear of plane travel, but now not scared)by Baba blessings. After landing we went by taxi to Palghat Railway station to go to my home in Cherukunnu, Kannur, Kerala, India. Taxi driver too was hanging in his taxi Baba photo and an idol. Really surprising. Baba wanted my safe arrival without fear, I feel. *OM SAI RAM* 8) August 20, 2013 From Calicut to Hyderabad flight. From Hyderabad Airport one co. passenger with his mother and a friend gave us a lift in his own car(I told him we would go in taxi, but he didnt allow us) since they too wanted to go same place but a little distance away. What a co.incident. Most interesting was, his mom was not feeling well (she vomitted 3 times and tired) and he first dropped us even though his friend was telling to drop his mom first!! Baba you love your devotees more than the devotees love you. *OM SAI RAM* Exactly as given the SAI BOOK. 9) September 18th, 2013 at 5 p.m. Baba draws His devotees to Him, when needed, as mentioned in SAI SATCHARITRA. My experience. I not at all thought to go to Sai temple(where I used to visit 7/8 times whenever I was in Hyderabad ) but I was drawn there by Sai, I have to say!!! as given in SAI SATCHARITRA. I went to draw cash from SBI ATM(at Sai nagar near shirdi Sai temple). No cash I got due to some problem. Then I tried 2/­3 ATMs near Sai temple but same fate I didnt get cash there too, due to some reason. Again went to same SBI ATM(height 3 steps above road leftside). Some one was inside the ATM. I did wait. While trying to enter inside, my left foot stuck on a human vomiting!!! Many Shops are there left&right. How that came there was a surprise (when 1st I went there, place was clean). For washing my feet I was compelled (rather Baba drawn me to Him, that would fit in) to go to the Sai temple(5 water taps are there to wash legs and hands of devotees before entering the temple). I washed my legs and went to Baba and touched Baba feet and prayed and had prasadam. *This is Baba Mahathwam* *OM SAI RAM* I am doing SAI puja with Baba morning Arati songs (mobile) and continue for some time(6.00 am till 8.30 am) with many Baba songs. BABA is my Guide Guru&God. *OM SAI RAM* I love Sai Baba"My tomb shall bless and speak to the needs of my devotees". - said Sai Baba - I love you Baba. *~OM SAI RAM~* I am a very humble poor servant and devotee of Shirdi Sai Baba staying in Kannapuram (Kannur, Kerala, India). I am narrating one of my very recent one here, happened in Hyderabad OM SAIRAM* 10) Sai Miracle On last thursday .i.e. On 27.03.2014 at 8.30 pm. Myself, wife, 2 of my daughters and their children and one of my, as always we do on thursdays, which is considered by devotees Baba's thursdays and visit nearby Sai Baba temples, some in the morning and many in the evening as per covenience. In Safilguda area(Secunderabad) many Baba temples are there. Near our flat 3 Baba temples (one quite recently built). We went to the new temple(which is half a km from our place). This temple is seperated by a wall of a temple of Kali mata. NOW COMES THE *MIRACLE* of BABA. We went to the temple and had archanas on all of us and on the names of my eldest daughter&husband&their 2 sons (Bahrain) and my 3rd daughter and husband and Son(Bahrain). After the prasad, we came out. Just on the sitout among others, I saw the MIRACLE OF BABA. Baba(tall&lean) sitting leg crossed but without head cover but with bald head having some 1"hairs here and there showing His right hand palm just open as though He wants something from me. We both looked each other and I wanted to give some dakshina but didnt. My wife or daughters didnt see this. Its really surprising. He just stared at me partly smiling keeping quiet . I wanted to give some Dakshina to Baba, but didnt since Baba misled me. I saw One madam was sitting nearby SAI and thought he was the father of that madam. But not. I could not see Baba or the madam there after some time. Its only a Baba Miracle I have to say, since for the past few days I wished to see a dream about Baba.!!! So Baba came this way I think. 11) NOW QUITE RECENT EXP. NOV. 2015. HAPPENED AT HYDERABAD. I AM IN HYDERABAD NOW WITH MY 2ND DAUGHTER.I AM 75 YEARD OLD BUT HEALTHY. USED TO GO FOR EVENING WALK. I WAS ON AN EVEMING WALK ONE DAY. AFTER WALKING 10 MIN ONE CAR PASSED OVER MY RIGHT FOOT EDGE AND ALSO HIT MY RIGHT LEG. I HAVE TO SAY SAI REALLY DID MIRACLED!!! NOTHING NO PAIN AT ALL. NO INJURY AT ALL. *** 12) In May 2016. One day my wife thought she lost her SAI BABA gold locket which she had removed from her chain and kept in her hand bag covered in a piece of paper. While searching for something she took out everything from the bag and while kepping back she didnt keep back the BABA locket. Next day while looking for the locket it was not found. We looked all over the ground floor. But didnt get. After 5 hrs search got it nearby the entrance door luckly. All the place was cleaned by the servant. We called Baba BABA PLS FINDOUT AND GIVE US THE BABA LOCKET. BABA THUS GAVE US THE LOST LOCKET!!!! AGAIN SAME LOCKET FELL DOWN FROM THE CHAIN. HOW WE DONT KNOW. SEARCHEd & SEARCHED HOURS TOGETHER. AT last got it from one of the bath rooms though we searched there too. OUR PRAYER OF SAI SAI SAI GIVEN US THE GOOD RESULT. BABA PLS BE WITH ME ALWAYS.

Shared by: narayanan thekketh valup, kerala India, 4/23/2017


Sorry for typing your name spelling... Sneha

Shared by: Rakesh yadav, Uttar pradesh, 4/19/2017

Experience: Sai ram kripa

Hey sai ram tu apne bhakto pr sadev dya bnaye Rakhna.... And shena ji aap dil se baba se prathna ki h to jarur puri hogi......... this is my experience... . Mujhe mera pyar mila jiski umeed 0% thi......sai pitahama ki jai ho.. .. . Jai sai ram.....

Shared by: Rakesh yadav, Uttar pradesh , 4/19/2017

Experience: Please help me Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram. Sai Baba please help me out. I really need your blessings. Please bring him back without hurting anyone else feelings. I dont want to marry anyone else. I need only him. I dont wish for happiness or any other stuff, I just need him. I will see all the happiness in him. He is my life my world Please bless me and get me married to him. Bow to you. Om Sai Ram.

Shared by: sneha, India, 4/17/2017

Experience: Sai's Blessings

I thought I should thank Sai Babaji through this website if my wish gets fulfilled and hence I thank You Sai for all Your blessings showered on us. Bless me that I stay connected to You always and experience blissful moments in Your Devotion. Om Sairam

Shared by: Jayasankar, Karnataka, 4/7/2017

Experience: Education

Thankyou Sai for all Your blessings. I just keeping trusting You and everything goes fine. Constantly taking Sai's name and remembering Him always removes all worries and it is happening to me at every instant. Sai Baba ki Jai!

Shared by: Sai devotee, Karnataka, 4/5/2017

Experience: Sai's Blessings

I wanted to share this experience even before I would come out of the state of trance due to the effect of Babaji's blessings. It was just yesterday that I had sent a prayer to Babaji through this website seeking Him to bless my son who is writing his tenth exams. Today was my son's most difficult paper (chemistry) and I was not feeling very hopeful about his performance. How could I ask Baba for a good result when the required effort is not put. Although I helped my son throughout his preparation, I was not feeling confident and moreover my son lacked the zeal which made me guilty to ask Baba for his blessings. But however, I tried as much as I could to make him study. My heartfelt thanks to this website because it gives me immense mental strength. I was contemplating about whether he would get an above average score or below. When I asked Baba through this website, the answer was that I am very doubtful and that I should just trust God and leave the matter. There were two other good omens suggestive of his good score and I simply kept telling myself that I trust God and I should believe in Him before I pray. To my greatest surprise, my son came home in the afternoon with the broadest smile on his face telling that he hopes to score above 90%. What should I say! I am much moved and I owe everything to Babaji. It makes me assert to myself that a sincere prayer will definitely be answered by Babaji. Babaji ki Jai!

Shared by: Sai devotee, Karnataka, 4/3/2017

Experience: Sai's Blessings

I have had several experiences and have enjoyed severaI blissful moments experiencing Sai's presence but I wanted to share this recent experience. I am a devotee of Lord Krishna but recently developed a great fascination towards Lord Shiva. I had been searching for a picture of Lord Shiva in meditation in the internet (the one which we had in our house 30 years back) for almost 10 days but however downloaded some others. Two days back when I was meditating, I had a vision of saint Shree Raghavendra for quite sometime and I experienced a deep meditation. Yesterday, while watching tv, in a Kannada serial they showed a pooja room with Lord Raghavendra's picture and the picture of the SAME LORD SHIVA which I was searching for. I felt very blessed and deeply moved. My throat choked when I was sharing this experience with others.I could feel Babaji's presence. He fulfills even the smallest desire of his devotees. I sincerely pray that He keeps my heart pure and resides in there forever and keep blessing everyone abundantly. Sai Babaji ki Jai

Shared by: Sai, Karnataka, 3/23/2017

Experience: wishes fulfilled

Thank you Saibaba for fulfilling my all wishes

Shared by: sitam shardchandra naik, goa india, 3/21/2017

Experience: Invited Sai Baba on Shivratri Day for taking Prasad

Om Sai Ram. My self after my daily pooja invited Sai Babaji to please come home and have prasad on the day of maha shovratri and he full filled my Wish in.the form of my brother freind and came and had prasad at my home. This is the real unbelieavable miracle and baba bless us by coming at our home. Thank U my Good my Protector Om sai ram

Shared by: Hari shankar Vyas, Rajasthan india, 2/25/2017

Experience: Invited Sai Baba on Shivratri Day for taking Prasad

Om Sai Ram. My self after my daily pooja invited Sai Babaji to please come home and have prasad on the day of maha shovratri and he full filled my Wish in.the form of my brother freind and came and had prasad at my home. This is the real unbelieavable miracle and baba bless us by coming at our home. Thank U my Good my Protector Om sai ram

Shared by: Hari shankar Vyas, Rajasthan india, 2/25/2017

Experience: Invited Sai Baba on Shivratri Day for taking Prasad

Om Sai Ram. My self after my daily pooja invited Sai Babaji to please come home and have prasad on the day of maha shovratri and he full filled my Wish in.the form of my brother freind and came and had prasad at my home. This is the real unbelieavable miracle and baba bless us by coming at our home. Thank U my Good my Protector Om sai ram

Shared by: Hari shankar Vyas, Rajasthan india, 2/25/2017

Experience: Invited Sai Baba on Shivratri Day for taking Prasad

Om Sai Ram. My self after my daily pooja invited Sai Babaji to please come home and have prasad on the day of maha shovratri and he full filled my Wish in.the form of my brother freind and came and had prasad at my home. This is the real unbelieavable miracle and baba bless us by coming at our home. Thank U my Sai Babaji my Protector Om sai ram

Shared by: Hari shankar Vyas, Rajasthan india, 2/25/2017

Experience: Invited Sai Baba on Shivratri Day for taking Prasad

Om Sai Ram. My self after my daily pooja invited Sai Babaji to please come home and have prasad on the day of maha shovratri and he full filled my Wish in.the form of my brother freind and came and had prasad at my home. This is the real unbelieavable miracle and baba bless us by coming at our home. Thank U my Good my Protector Om sai ram

Shared by: Hari shankar Vyas, Rajasthan india, 2/25/2017

Experience: Got my husband back and my life back with all peace and happiness

The issues started between me and my hubby from 2013 and it got over by 2016 all these three years saiappa stood by me like a rock and he showed me all miracles which I was never expected in my life.he stood like a rock to me and hr bacame everyone in my life.want to live at your lotus feet and die at you lotusfeet.he always want to test my love for him by putting me in severe test but he itself don't know instead of getting away I stuck to him like gel He gave me confidence patience miracles and taught me to be gratifying feeling.I live you saiappa

Shared by: Chubby, India Karnataka, 2/23/2017

Experience: Saibabaji oa my everything Iloveyousaidewaji💋

DEWA SAI IS HEARING AND WACHING US EACH AND EVERY SINGLE TIME... dont worry gave your best effort be fearless and keep strong, stay away from blind faith & and be free from rituals belive in DIVINE dewa sai loves true love everything gonna be allright SAIBABA is my everything...ILOVEYOUSAIDEWA देवा साई हर पल हमें देख और सुन रहे हैं । चिंता मत करो , अपनी तरफ से हर संभव कोशिश करें, हर डर से आजाद हो जायें, मजबूत बनें, पाखंड और अंंध विश्वास को खतम करें, और ईश्वर पर अटूट विश्वास रखें, भगवान को धोखा नहीं दिया जा सकता देवा साई को शुद्ध और निश्छल प्रेम पसंद है ।

Shared by: ARCHELAUS OSIAS, India, 2/2/2017

Experience: blessing

OM SAI RAM. doctor said that my grand-pa start cancer formation in stomach. everybody of our family was very much sad. I send a message to sai baba for grandpa. After about 20 day. we again done check up on another doctor. results comes that he is not suffering from cancer. it is gall bladder infection. now a operation will be done. There is no serious matter. Thanks sai baba.

Shared by: JYOTI PRASAD SARMA, assam , india, 1/20/2017

Experience: SAI BABA'S Help & Blessing

Sai Rahem nazar karna to my both kids and my family and let come out of all the burden that I have created unnecessary.

Shared by: Yogesh M Mukhyaji, Maharashtra, 1/16/2017

Experience: u r always with me

Omm sai ram Baba mate tamatharu kebe bi alaga karidebani. I love u baba Mate ashribad karantu baba .

Shared by: shanti sahoo, india, 1/4/2017

Experience: mera sai mera bhola . meri dil jaan mere sai piya . love u baba g

Om Sai ram 🙏 om Sai ram 🙏 thanku soooooo much baba g . Meti life me sab kuch thik karne k leye . Don't leave me alone any time . Baba plz always with me. I love ❤ u so much baba . We miss the days at Shirdi .

Shared by: tina gupta, up india, 1/1/2017

Experience: hlp me baba

Dear sai baba ji u knw everything...plz sai hlp me.....meri wish puri kr do ikk br plz sai ....luv u so much

Shared by: sneha basotra, india, 1/1/2017

Experience: Miracle of Sai

Every Thursday I do puja at home and in the evening will go to temple. On 22nd Dec 2016 I was at office in the afternoon I felt like having Prasadam as chickpea (Sundal) at temple. So many times at temple Prasadam will be issued are besi bellay bath or lemon rice at temple. In the evening while going to temple I wished I will be happy if I receive chickpea as Prasadam. When I was entering temple I saw they were issuing besi Bellay bath as Prasadam. After my puja at temple I came in queue for Prasadam i was shocked that I received chickpea as Prasadam. I was so much happy and after 1 min they started issuing besi bellay bath . Really baba shown the miracle. Thanks Sai baba

Shared by: Priya Pradeep, Karnataka , India, 12/28/2016

Experience: Sai Baba Tera Jawab Nahi...............

Sai Baba Tera Jawab Nahi............... I am ardent devotee of Sai Baba from my childhood very happy and feel proud that by Sai Baba grace I have written "World First Mirror Image Hand Write Shree Sai Satchcharitra in Two Languages Hindi & English all Chapters. Lot of Miracles happened in my life my first has been published about a very major accident after Nine months and several bone fracture operations in year 2000. Now I am with my family it was a great miracle in my life which I can not forget in life. Second Miracle happened on 19th of August,2015 in Pune. My son recently completed his B.Tech in Computer Science(2015) and after that he appeared in C-Dac examination and selected for C-Dac Pune.On 17th of August 2016 we took flight to Pune with my brother l & my son by 12 o,clock we were in C-Dac Pune after all the formalities we were in a Hotel which was far away from the institute after lunch and few hours sleeping in the evening I was in search of Sai Baba Mandir and I got on the road near the Hotel started going there (only three days). On 18th of August 2015 we were in C-Dac Pune for the admission and by 12 all the formalities finished my brother ask taxi for Bhima Sankar and while returning after darsan of one of 12 Jyotilingam my brother ask me Bhaya which PG we hired for my son I think is not suitable it is far from the institute and there is no market too "chalo dusra try karte hain". Let see if possible By Sai Grace I got another one at 9 P.M (18.08.15) which is not expensive and very nearer to institute and one more interesting thing is the owner of this PG is also owner of Hotel too which is in his House. After taking our Dinner we were in our Hotel and got up early Morning on 19.08.15 for joining

Shared by: Piyush Goel, u.p.india, 12/11/2016

Experience: Baba you save my Life

I am Sai Baba Devotee. Jai Sai Baba Ki. Baba saved my life. We all are in Your feet. It is story of near about 1980, one day I was purchasing stationary for my school home work, there what I saw a book of Shirdi Sai Baba in the bookshelf. I all of a sudden asked shopkeeper to give it to me along with the other books. Within two or three days I read it. From that day onwards, Baba is always with me in my Heart. It happened in Chaumuhan, a place where there is a temple of "Brahma Ji" (Char Mukh Wala), that’s why the place is called Chaumuhan, near Mathura, on the way from "Delhi to Agra". It is said that only one temple of "Brahma Ji" is in Puskar, Rajasthan, but there is one more in Chaumuhan. In the year 2000, 1st June, an accident changed my life. I was lying on the road with the thick blood pouring from my head and i was trying to stand but unable to do so. For a little while, I was conscious and for a while unconscious. When I was a little conscious, I remember my two months old daughter/wife/son/parents/brother and sister. All were in front of my eyes. As well as I started praying to Sai Baba and Maa & Maa Vaishno Devi, to save me for the sake of my two months daughter and for my whole family. I am not a unique person, one day everyone have to leave this world but keep me alive till my daughter’s marriage (who will take care of my family). Save Me Sai Baba and Maa Vaishno Devi. I will surely visit Shirdi and Vaishno Devi" with my family and a Miracle Happened. After this I do not know what happened, but two or three days later, I found myself in ICU. As told by my family one of my colleague passing through the way he saw the accident and there he saw me and two more. He suddenly rushed to the Hospital, after two or three days I found myself covered with the Bandages/Blood Bottles/Glucose and Oxygen. There were many fractures in my whole body from Toe to Head (Nose/Three Ribs Left Side/Hip Bone/Right Thigh/Both Knee). After many operations and nine months of to

Shared by: Piyush Goel, u.p. india, 12/11/2016

Experience: SAI BABA - The name you just remember by whole heart and he just listens all what you want.

Sai Baba having you in my life is like a shower of blessings always on me. With you I need not to worry I just need to tell you and have faith and patience, you just listen to us and make that happen exactly what we wanted. Without you we are nothing. I have complete faith on you and whosever have faith on him can never fail in life. Thanks for all you blessings, please just have your blessing forever with us. OM SAI RAM

Shared by: ADITI MISHRA, M.P, India, 12/4/2016

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